Esc: Paradoxical light installation with augmented reality
Date: August 10-11, 2018
Location: «Light Nights in Gatchina - 2018» festival, Gatchina, Leningrad region
Objective: to comes up with an installation that would reflect the theme of the festival: paradox

Esc – short for escape. Installation took place in one of the park alleys. We used trees to install the light “nests” where we put the augmented reality markers. Pointing your device with the app to these markers would open up the window to a whole new world with blossoming flowers, growing trees and flying jellyfish. What amplified the experience even more is that you could only see all that from down below, which is an unusual angle to look at things at.

Right beside the installation was a lounge with a stage where we had themed music played at all times.

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Our Team
Architect: Ellina Zazulya
Design: Maria Moschenskaya, Maria Kobyakova
Modeling: Maria Kobyakova, Maria Moschenskaya
Programming: Evgenia Besginova
Music: Artem Revozyan, Grigorii Gromov
Set up: Andrey Baskov, Ellina Zazulya, Kirill Kruchkov, Grigorii Gromov, Artem Revozyan, Polina Merkulova, Daniel Ignatiev , Anastasia Juchenko