Multimedia event «Through Time and Art» for MISP

Date: December 21, 2019
Location: Saint-Petersburg
Objective: to organize the birthday event for Museum Of St.Petersburg Art (MISP), to attract new visitors and tell the history of the museum in a creative way.

There’s a history behind every house in St. Petersburg. And it'll give you a hint about when it was built, what times it got to witness, and who were its residents. So we decided to let the building tell its story. That's how we got the idea for the projection show on the Museum facade. The projection would attract visitors and be a digital poster of the museum as well.

By bringing the art of the museum to life, our team not only showed the history of the museum itself, but the whole city of Saint-Petersburg. There was plenty to go around: a light installation in the museum yard, themed tours, new expositions, the projection show.

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Our Team
Design: Viktoria Volokitina
Motion: Maria Kobyakova, Maria Moschenskaya, Ellina Zazulya, Ksenia Gorlanova, Polina Merkulova, Anna Vashaeva
Music: Artem Revozyan
Set up: Maria Kobyakova, Artem Revozyan, Ksenia Gorlanova, Maria Murashteva, Mikhail Murashtev