Nomination named after Sergei Kuryokhin in the Metaverse
Date: February 2024
Where: Metaverse
Objective: to hold an award in the metaverse, to introduce contemporary art to the online audience.

In 2023, the Sergei Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Prize was held in mixed reality for the first time. The honorary award is presented annually for services to contemporary art in the following categories: best work of visual art, Grand Prix “Pop Mechanics”, best media art, best text on contemporary art, art in public space, best curatorial project, Skif music category, The best science art project.

The events could be watched offline on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater. And in the metaverse, on the VRChat platform. The broadcast was carried out from two worlds, which means offline and online viewers could see each other.

All offline spectators came in festive clothes, and online spectators also had to adhere to a dress code. Online visitors were asked to dress up as fly agaric avatars designed specifically for the event.

Online viewers had an advantage. They were given a virtual tour of the exhibition of the nominees. Here they could get acquainted with the artists and their works before the names of the winners were read out. After the tour, DJ Mutronics performed in the virtual world. The musician’s digital avatar appeared from an open sculpture - a cast of Sergei Kuryokhin’s head.

After the DJ's performance, the main program of the event began. The offline broadcast was accompanied by presenters Shadola and Halerick and performers SamsonMD and Fics, who duplicated events from the offline stage.

The most spectacular event was the performative performance. The woman performed wearing a virtual helmet and body tracking sensors to the music of an orchestra in real time. The dancer was in another country, and her virtual dance was transferred to the physical stage of the theater.

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Participated in the development:
Maria Kobyakova (director of the Metaverse part), IPT Nikita (3d), Vav1st (PM), Wachi (avatar developer), Nikita Sidorov (architect), Like3ds and SandyTears (operators), Alex-SPB (guide), mutronics (DJ), Shadola and Halerick (hosts), Turtlequeen (performer)
AI-Bark (security), SamsonMD and Fics (improvisers), vrmopkobka (photographer and designer), Andrey Baskov (engineer)