Virtual concert Rap&Vogue
Date: December 2023
Location: St. Petersburg, Metaverse
Objective: to create a show in two realities at the same time: in the physical world - within the walls of the Kuryokhin Center museum and in virtuality - on the VRChat platform.

The concert took place in two realities simultaneously. In the physical world, Rap&Vogue created a performative show with costumes, decorations and confetti. Online guests could watch this on broadcast in the virtual world.

We brought a makeup artist (Muaamoura) into the metaverse. Usually the girl does makeup for the whole group. But this time, after her main duties, Muaamoura put on sensors, a VR helmet and danced the entire evening as a dove in heels in front of an online audience.

The virtual concert took place in the French cafe Café C'est bon, named after one of the band's songs. Upon entry, spectators received personalized visas to Europe. There was a photo zone with accessories throughout the evening. And in the hall there was an NFT exhibition.

During the concert, the audience decorated the Christmas tree with cans of condensed milk, baguettes, croissants and even tractors - all in the style of the Minsk group with French motifs!

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Maria Kobiakova (art-director), IPT Nikita (3d), Vav1st (PM), like3ds (operator), Wachi (avatar modification)
Halerik и Shadola (presenters), kifi (setup), vrmopkobka (designer)