Historical Web Experience Sandormoh
Date: August 2022

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Objective: to make an online exhibition about Sandarmoch in a computer game format available online worldwide

«Memorial» Research Center, Iofe Foundation and hptx studio have created a historical Web experience dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the Sandarmokh discovery. 6241 people were executed there from 1937 until 1938, and only 60 years after the fact, this place was discovered in the summer of 1997.

The visitors of the exhibition would find themselves in the Sandarmokh forest, which was carefully 3D-scanned beforehand. The difference between the real and the virtual forest was that the real forest had grave stones and toombs all over it while the virtual forest had monuments created by contemporary artists.

There were 3 routes available to the visitor before or after the exhibition itself. «The missing phase» was dedicated to the fate of the Solovki prisoners and the discovery of Sandarmoha, while «Empire» would portray the relationship between the people and the government of Russia during the 90 years since the terror. «Never again» is a documentary soundtrack on years of memorable encounters in Sandarmohe.

There's a “Deal of D” location, honoring Yurii Dmitriev, and a “House-Word” location telling about the fate of Ukrainian poets and writers who were sent to Solovki and then died in Sandarmokh.

All information used on the routes is documentary. The visual part includes archival documents from the Sandarmoha shooters cases — this is the first time it’s been published in such excess.

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