Art-presentation «RBC St.-Petersburg 2019»
Date: October 2019
Location: Saint-Petersburg

Objective: to tell about the merits of the award winners in a fun and engaging way

Our solution – to create an object of contemporary art that tells about the achievements of the winners. The spinning cubes would replicate the main focus of the design of the event, and would also look tasteful and complete on their own (but there’s more!). You could find a hidden mystery in the installation and unravel it using the app on your phone. Just point your device at any of the edges of the cube, and it will tell you about one of the successful business projects. There were thirteen cubes in total, and each would introduce you to one of the “RBC Petersburg” Award finalists.

All presentations were interactive - the visitors could use the app to access virtual reality and play fun mini-games such as cooking soup while learning about Yandex.Chef or destroying viruses at the Biocad booth.

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Our Team
Product management: Maria Kobyakova
Modeling: Anna Vashaeva, Maria Kobyakova
Design: Victoria Volokitina
Programming: Evgenia Bezginova
Set up: Ksenya Gorlanova, Polina Merkulova