VR concert Razmotchiki katushek
Date: December 2023
Location: VRChat platform
Task: to hold a virtual concert in industrial aesthetics.

The electro-industrial duo uses all sorts of sounds, including analog effects, factory sounds and the interaction of various instruments with each other, to create unusual musical compositions.

The concert of the industrial electro duo Razmotchiki Katushek took place both offline and online.

The online concert took place on the multi-user platform VRChat, where our artists designed a space for the familiar Concert Hall of the Kuryokhin Center with a reference to the factory theme.

For each act of the concert, 5 versions of the hall were designed, including a metallurgical plant where the floor turned into lava, a large warehouse and a construction site where houses were erected in front of the audience.

The atmosphere was maintained by virtual dancers who performed from their own homes, and their movements were transferred to virtual reality using sensors. The artists were dressed in helmets, gloves and construction overalls - all in accordance with the safety rules at the plant

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The development team included:
Maria Kobyakova (director of the Metaverse part),
IPT Nikita (3d), Vav1st (PM), Wachi (avatar developer),
Nikita Sidorov (architect), Like3ds and SandyTears (operators), Like3ds and SandyTears (operators),
Alex-SPB (guide), mutronics (DJ), Shadola and Halerick (hosts), Turtlequeen (performer)