Website-walk for artists from workshop 10.203
Date: November 2021
Location: Saint-Petersburg

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Objective: to digitize a street-art workshop in a way that would fully translate the vibe and the energy of the real thing

10.203 is a workshop situated in an abandoned building in Eastcable (St. Petersburg). It’s a creative zone for artists where they do their art, paint and host exhibitions. It wouldn’t really work to just take a couple of pictures or record a little tour of the place. The sounds and the whole atmosphere are extremely important when it comes to street-art. The space and the surroundings play a huge role in this kind of art. Worn off bricks of the old building, heavy iron doors, shabby staircases, walls covered in graffiti.

So we wondered how we could convey all this energy, and so we created this digital experience available on the workshops website.

It’s a virtual tour around the space of the street-art where both the visuals and the sound equally matter, so don’t forget to turn on the sound before diving in.

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