Web-installation “Growth point”
When: September 2023
Where: Online

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Task: to develop a charity event using new technologies so that participants feel like creators.

Even a charity event can be expressed in visual language. And with the help of additional meanings and images, make it more subtle, holistic and not at all about money.

We created a digital tree for the Russian Economic School. It exists on the website and is growing, blooming, and filled with life from the donations received.

On the promotion page you can donate money to the needs of the university. And your contribution will be displayed as a twig or flower on a tree.

If you click on the “view names” button, you can see the names of the donors. The roots are the financial foundation, the main and permanent sponsors of the university.

The tree can be viewed both on the website and in augmented reality.

This is the case when an action can be announced beautifully and in the language of art.

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Participated in the development:
Participated in the development:
Maria Kobyakova (art director and 3d), Evgenia Bezginova (programmer)
Vladimir Abikh (artist, author of the idea) Andrey Baskov (web)