Social installations within the framework of the Cultural Geography project
Date: December, 2022
Location: St. Petersburg
Objective: implementation of the installation based on the concept of young artists.

The aim of the project is Cultural Geography, which draws attention to a special place in the city using contemporary art. New points on the map include tourist routes, which contain excursions for anyone.
This time the organizers decided to choose the innovative cluster "Boiling Point", where you can get skills in information technology absolutely free of charge. There were cases when students were attracted who wanted to try themselves among the artists.

Upon completion of laboratory studies. One of them is devoted to the topic of burnout. On the column were colored stickers depicting devices. By clicking on the QR code and pointing the smartphone at the stickers, the reader's screen will fill the expanding windows. Instead of intrusive advertising, the requirements for the need for rest were increased on them.

Another installation is dedicated to the fight against fears on the way to your goal. Advertising 3D printers were attached to the column. These are images of toys that can be found in the sandbox on the playground. A sandbox is a reference to a slang term from the IT industry, a place where you can safely test your assumptions. In augmented reality, you need to defend your castle, brushing aside feelings associated with feelings that can destroy any thought in the bud. If the castle was successfully defended, a flag with the image of a unicorn appeared on the main tower. Unicorn is another slang solution for launching a startup company with $1 million in capital raised.

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