SimpleAR visual meditation for for an alcohol beverages supplier
Date: October 31, 2019
Location: Simple’s gift catalog presentation 2019/2020

Objective: to create a unique, memorable project and to attract guests' attention to certain wine brands

«In the World of Mantra» AR-installation was designed for one of the biggest suppliers of alcoholic beverages. A bottle of wine from the Mantra collection was gifted to all the guests. It would come with a flier with the link to the app that would bring the bottle to life by surrounding it with images from impressionist paintings and soothing, meditative sounds. Each wine from the collection has a distinct flavor and style, and with this presentation it also acquired an original digital expansion.
Our Team
Design: Viktoria Volokitina
Modeling: Maria Kobyakova

Programming: Evgenia Besginova
Music: Artem Revozyan