Virtual exhibition in the metaverse for the Center for Contemporary Art Sergei Kuryokhin
Date: December 2022

Objective: to create a virtual museum space with the possibility of online tours and events

When we were approached by the Center for Contemporary Art. Sergey Kuryokhin, we thought about how we could not only create a digital archive of past exhibitions, but also offer the visitor a completely new experience. So in the digital museum, contrary to traditional rules, the opportunity to “touch everything” appeared.

Upon entering, the visitor enters a space - a copy of a real exhibition, but after interacting with the exhibits, the exhibition begins to transform. The Pushnitsky tower destroys the ceiling, the letters from the work of Semyon Motolyanets “You can’t run away from yourself” run away when you pay attention to them, and approaching the work of Alexander Podobed “Landscape drawn by the wind”, the wall disappears and a passage appears to
landscape magnified several times. For a greater immersion in art, we asked the artists themselves to voice some of the works.

Our Team
Design: Maria Kobyakova
Programing: Maria Kobyakova

Sound: Andrey Baskov
Architect concep: Nikita Sidorov (Budni Bureau)