Pavilion of the Future by Gazprom
When: November 2023
Where: Moscow, VDNKh, Russia Exhibition
Task: Create video content for a concave screen using artificial intelligence on the theme of the future.

Against the backdrop of the silhouettes of three towers (one existing - Lakhta, and two under construction) on the concave screen, AI-generated content is broadcasted. The screen is surrounded by mirrors creating a panoramic effect and serves as an excellent photo zone for visitors.

Before creating the prompt for artificial intelligence, we brainstormed with employees on the topic of what future Gazprom is building for us. In which cities we will live, which streets we will stroll down, what cars we will ride, and what the modern inhabitant of the metropolis will look like. To generate ideas, we used renders of the company's future projects.

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Participated in the development:
Lisa Savina (project curator)
Igor Potsukaylo (sound design)
Riz Esentaev (AI)
Ekaterina Petrenko (photo/video)