Performance of «Dreamology» in mixed reality
Date: December 2023
Location: St. Petersburg, Metaverse
Objective: to create a show in two realities at the same time: in the physical world - within the walls of the Kuryokhin Center museum and in virtuality - on the VRChat platform.

Dreamology is a dance performance where two worlds intersect – virtuality and reality.

The performance took place in the modern world, the motion dance was transmitted through sensors to the Metaverse platform VRChat. The performance was watched by offline spectators who came to the museum building, and online by those who joined the production via a computer or helmet.

The dancer is faced with a choice: remain a prisoner of her dreams or wake up. The audience made this choice for her. At the beginning of the event, offline viewers choose a white or black sticker. And online users: black or white avatar. This influenced the final spectacle. The black item means that the hero remains in virtuality, the end of the performance takes place there. White - the dancer at the end takes off his virtual helmet and continues the dance in the physical world.

Video, music and broadcast from a camera were brought into virtuality so that online users could see the virtual performer, and not just his digital avatar.

Most viewers chose the dark side - to remain in the digital world. This means that the main character doesn’t wake up.

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The development team included:
Maria Kobyakova: creative director of the hptx interactive studio
Daria Zinovieva: dance artist, choreographer, dance playwright
Alexander Kozlov: CG and generative artist, musician
Bulygina Vlada: modern dancer, performer, PT Nikita (3d), Vav1st (PM), like3ds (operator)
Wachi (avatar modification), Vanilla (operator), Halerik (presenter), Shadola (presenter), kifi (help and setup with equipment), vrmopkobka (photographer and designer)