Digital gold container
Date: February 2024
Where: UAE, Dubai and Metaverse

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The challenge: to present a physical contemporary art gallery in a non-classical way.

How do you imagine a contemporary art gallery? White walls, minimalist design, good natural and artificial light, nothing distracts from the contemplation of beauty. So?

Already from the very beginning, the inloco gallery positioned itself as informal in the field of art. Therefore, paintings from the archives are stored and exhibited not on the white walls of a classic white box, but inside a shipping container that is covered with gold leaf.

The architect redesigned its structure for storing paintings; inside there were special compartments on wheels that can be pulled out. The paintings are attached to the grille.

In a dark gallery space, the container takes center stage. As planned, there are no paintings on the black walls, everything is hidden and stored in a secret golden container, you just need to pull the handle to join the art.

We transferred this idea to the virtual world. A digital copy of a golden container has appeared on the spatial platform, the doors of which can also be pulled out. At the same time, the environment around the container changes. By interacting with the container like a TV remote control, you can interactively get acquainted with the work of all the gallery residents and immerse yourself in their creativity.

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Participated in the development:
Maria Kobyakova (art director and 3d), Asya Nesterova (producer of the project), Olya Kai (researcher and consultant on the Metaverse), IPT Nikita (3d), Seemvol (3d)
MagXattab (3d), Ray (3d), Platon (3d), Wachi (3d), Vav1st (PM), VRmopkobka (designer)