Bionic Portal: the future park for the Krug Sveta festival
Date: September 21-25, 2018
Location: «Krug Sveta 2018», Tsaritsyno Park, Moscow
Objective: to come up with an original light installation that reflects the theme of the festival

Bionic Portal is a digital-installation where we combine tensegrity (Rod-stayed structures, which keep their shape due to self-tension), augmented reality and LED lighting. There were four different zones with light sculptures available for guests. Each sculpture represented one of the elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

A unique sound design along with authentic light scenes were created for the installations. Guests were able to get into the park of the future using the app. There you could find mechanized animals looking after the citizens of the city. Wise Owl, for example, keeps the order, while Friendly Dino shares Wi-Fi.

Inspired by the idea, festival organizers made a show about the new inhabitants of the park. It was projected on the Tsaritsyno Palace facade.

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Our Team
Architect: Ellina Zazulya
Design: Maria Moschenskaya, Maria Kobyakova, Viktoria Volokitina
Modeling: Anna Vashaeva, Maria Kobyakova, Maria Moshenskaya, Polina Merkulova
Programming: Evgenia Besginova
Music: Artem Revozyan, Grigorii Gromov
Set up: Ellina Zazulya, Kirill Kruchkov, Grigorii Gromov, Artem Revozyan, Ksenia Gorlanova, Viktoria Volotkina, Polina Merkulova, Alexander Mihailov
Special thanks to Pasha (we are very sorry, we couldn’t remember your last name)